About us

Each year, medical device manufacturers spend billions on R&D and product enhancements. Your products are on the leading edge of technological advancement, and every year your companies bring new devices to market ... continually improving patient care. Technology is advancing so quickly that doctors and hospitals have to rely on field sales and clinical teams for their product expertise; many times, requiring their presence during surgical procedures, or in the office setting for follow-on care.

Despite the advancements in patient care through medical device technology, the tools that your teams have to support operations and daily execution have not been given the same investment. Your field sales and clinical teams have a responsibility to support their clinicians and subsequent patient populations. Their ability to do this is only as good as their ability to receive and manage requirements, task organize resources, and communicate, coordinate, and control activities across territories. Many times, they are attempting to do this through voice messaging systems, text, emails and phone calls. Customer satisfaction, patient care and business growth are tied directly to these teams’ ability to manage these requirements, which can be challenging without the right tools and support.

For healthcare systems and hospitals, the ability to communicate and coordinate with medical device companies hasn’t changed with the advancements in technology. Healthcare professionals still have to call, text, or email medical device companies in order to set schedules.

The Founders of SalesC2 Inc. have worked in the industry and recognized the need for a technology ecosystem for healthcare systems and medical device companies to interact. A system where healthcare professionals can communicate electronically with the medical device companies and medical device companies can manage team activity, support a collaborative team approach, and generate real business intelligence to help leaders and decision-makers gain insights into their sales operations and business as a whole.

We know how important it is for you to support your clients and patients. Our SalesC2 and ClinicalC2 platforms are engineered to make your teams more efficient and effective as they manage their accounts. We know how critical timely and informed decisions can be, so we’ve engineered this software to provide data that can support business decisions. Ultimately, having spent a career in your shoes, we spent a lot of time wishing we had this type of product to support us and know that it will make your work life easier.